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Membership advantages

Register to Tanoshi Me Onegai to receive a Japanese delivery address
and purchase by yourself on various Japanese Online Shop.

With your membership at Tanoshi Me Onegai you receive fidelity points for each order and all order will be cheaper.
You purchase directly from shop like or and there is 20% OFF for our handling fee.
There is rewarding system so you can save a lot of money if you intend to order regularly with our service.


Register to Tanoshi Me Onegai and receive
a Japanese delivery address

Log in at and
get your address on “My Profile”.
You can use it whenever you want.
Once you have a Japanese address
you can shop in Japanese online shop.


Shop on Japanese website and order your items
by using your personal Tanoshi Me Onegai address.
You can purchase by yourself whatever you want
on the online shop you want*.

*Cash on delivery payment method is not permitted, all order will be returned.


We will receive your order in our warehouse and send you
directly a confirmation email.
We will review the content with you and confirm
everything before to send it to you .
You will just have to pay the handling fee (-20% off)
and the international shipping fee.

With your own account you can collect points, coupons and manage all you order freely.
You purchase directly your items from Japanese Website.
If you have any trouble with the  language or the process,we will assist you.

* Please be aware that certain products may be prohibited in your country.

List of prohibited products